Anytec 622 SP 2016 med Mercury 150hk 2017 EN

EM Betesdjur AB

Orgnr: 556826-3023

Greve von Essens väg 39, 115 27 Stockolm


EM Boats rents our Anytec 622 SP 2016 with Mercury 150hk 2017.

The boat harbour at Lidingö and is available during ice free water.


Low season

(October - April)

High season



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By agreement

By agreement

All prices including VAT.

Advantageous prices compared to market, competition and level of service.


The price includes: 150hk Mercury outboard 2017, 1 pc GPS Plotter 9 inch, 1 pc sonar, 1 pc pulpitbox, 4 pcs mooringlines, 4 pcs fenders with line, 1 pc fire extinguisher, 1 pc 12 Volt socket, 1 pc USB-socket, 1 pc flare, 1 pc ancorewedge with line, 7 pcs padlocks, 1 pc locking chain with padlock (class-3), 1 pc bottomanchor with line, 1 pc fixed fueltank à 170 litres, 1 pc sprayhood, 1 pc paddelhook, 3 pcs lanterns on targaarch, 1 pc windscreenwiper, 2 pcs swim platforms, 3 pcs seacharts (north, middle and south waters of Stockholm), 2 pcs trim tabs, 1 pc boarding ladder, 4 pcs seat cushions

Lifejackets; 4 pcs adult, 2 pcs children.


Boat is classed for 6 persons.

Age limit 25 years.

Secure-marked boat and motor.


Experience required.


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Anytec 622 SP is built for people who love the sea and the endless possibilities it can provide. Therefore it is important to us that our boats can handle all the situations you may face while on the water. With a sharply twisted bow, the 622-series is ideal for those who want a boat that offers tremendous performance and solid construction. The 622-series is a good choice for most boaters, regardless of whether you’re about to lead a boating experience in the waters off Svalbard or if you’re just looking for a stable vessel with fantastic driving.

The ability to switch between different roles is perhaps the main strength of the 622 series. Fun to drive, easy to get near the shore and large enough to carry six passengers with plenty of equipment at a length of six meters.

Vi rekommenderar Berras Sportfiske. Allt du behöver inom fiskeutrustning.